Who Are We?

Inclusive Skills collaborates with organisations to deliver the training they require. We specialise in fully customised one on one or group training, in person or online.

Inclusive Skills provides affordable, practical, flexible nationally accredited and non-accredited customised, relevant training alternatives for individuals as well as organisations wishing to develop new and/or acknowledge existing skills and knowledge whilst incorporating safe work practices. Training is delivered on site-on the job, in the classroom and/or online.

Inclusive is solely run and operated by Elizabeth Adams, who as Principal Trainer, works in conjunction with project partners when the need arises and utilises highly skilled contract trainers who align with her company’s core principles and values.

We are known for accommodating training the last minute if required – we love a challenge! So training onsite to accommodate the client’s schedule, and doing emergency runs of training is second nature to us. Inclusive skills truly cares about our client’s needs and the individual’s learning experience in the training room whether that be online or face to face. Inclusive skills promote producing productive, happy people every time. We are there to help!

Our Project Partners

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