Meet the Team

Inclusive is solely run and operated by Elizabeth Adams, who as Principal Trainer, works in conjunction with project partners when the need arises and utilises highly skilled contract trainers who align with her company’s core principles and values.

Elizabeth Adams

Managing Director/Principal Trainer

Inclusive Skills is the brainchild of Elizabeth Adams who founded the company in April 2007. The original company mission was to upskill Queenslanders working in the drilling and mining industry. With a strong qualified background in accounting and people management, Elizabeth has managed to intertwine this skillset to present a solid training and development company that now services a myriad of industry types nationally and internationally.

Our business has successfully operated on “word of mouth” since its inception in 2007. Previously Liz ran a very lucrative Construction Company for 8 years and expanded into training into 2010 and selling her company in 2010. Her client base followed her faithfully.

Elizabeth Adams is a natural born leader who is simply passionate about helping people become they best they can be in the workforce. She leaves no stone unturned to help someone achieve productivity, safety, and comfort.  She is a true protagonist – the character who drives the action. She is involved in and central to the project but is also usually the emotional heart of any customer narrative.

She values her collaborators and project partners. She is honest to the point of exasperation sometimes, however; one always knows clearly where one stands with “Liz” as her friends call her.

Nothing will get in her way of helping a client and producing the results the company requires. Her standards are high, but she has an enormous capacity for flexibility and caring. She laughs a lot and often, as she knows humour is the golden link that breaks down so many barriers when it comes to training human beings.

In the language of DISC, she is an animated I/D – always striving for the big picture results and making people feel important and validated on the way. Her energy is off the charts and she translates that easily on any training delivery platform with her ability and skill to get the message across.

  • Elizabeth Adams was voted as one of the Top 5 Trainers in Central Queensland across all education organisations and industries.
  • Inclusive Skills is the only training company that continued delivering training face to face upskilling Queenslanders for work during COVID – this was due to our excellent Risk Management Plan.
  • Recognised by peers in the industry for our RPL Program for the Drilling Industry. This was developed for people who have been in the industry for a substantial time and training takes place onsite.
  • Elizabeth has been recognised for her skills and knowledge in 2021 – 2022 especially for her research program, based on her RPL program, that she is currently developing.

Michele Nash

Executive Assistant & Trainer

Focusing on producing productive, happy people, Michele is an experienced, dynamic, and exciting Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Broadcaster, Consultant, and Behavioural Specialist who has worked with companies and individuals nationally & internationally. She utilises proven mindset & interactive training methods that increase awareness and change life/work perspectives.

Michele’s first passion has always been training and as far as trainers go, she’s up there with the best of them. Bullet proofed as a Trainer by Master Trainers Tad & Adriana James from the Tad James Company, Michele’s skills in a training room become really evident as she weaves her magic inspiring and empowering people to excellence. With over 25 years in the corporate world, her speciality lies in Customer Service and Sales Training, Call Centre Training and Coaching, Leadership Coaching & Training and she holds the title of one of Australia’s leading Auto Industry Specific trainers. She has designed and written customer specific training programs for Australian and International organisations like Nissan Japan. She is not a stranger to delivering client’s set curriculums.

She has also had years as an NLP and Hypnosis Instructor/Certifier, Master NLP Coach, as well as a Time Line Therapy®& Coaching Trainer, approved through the American Board of NLP, Time Line®, Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

With an extensive media background in television, radio, & presenting, Michele is equally at home in front of small intimate groups as she is addressing large audiences in the 100’s and above. In a nutshell, she concentrates on achieving effective communication through understanding behaviour. Audiences just love her natural passion & unshakable enthusiasm for everything she does. Consequently, she delivers results.

Michele brings strong organisational skills as a trainer, she is involved with the holistic side of the business and brings NLP Certifction to the suite of services offered by Inclusive.


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